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I have been a Sensei for the past nine years and have loved every minute of it. I was lucky enough to visit Japan with my husband in September 2019 (prior to COVID) and that trip has brought so much more meaning to my Japanese lessons. It is a privilege and joy of mine to bring my passion for all things Japanese into a College of 360 students aged from 5 years to 12 on a weekly basis. The students relish in learning all about the Japanese culture, language, food, songs, dance, art and many other unique things that make Japan so amazing! I was involved in last year’s Olympic Tomodachi program which was a highlight of my Year 6 students’ year. They loved learning how to play Janken properly, speak Japanese to some new friends and learn about their Kanji learning. I believe that I would make an excellent ambassador for the “Tomodachi of Japan” program as I am extremely passionate, love all things Japanese, very willing to learn, am a team player and I am a highly effective communicator. 🎌❤️