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In 2018 Sydney University Rugby Club contacted Connect Tomodachi as they wanted to go to Japan for a preseason tour in preparation for a big competition in 2018.

Even though they are one of the better-known teams in Australia they were having trouble organising a tour that suited their needs and goals.

According to the players and coach staff what resulted was one of the best tours in the club’s history.

It was cold in February when the team arrived in Tokyo. The tour was led by Peter Gibson so he too arrived in his second home all of the transfers and logistics run to clockwork.

One of the best and most economical places for groups to stay in Tokyo is the Youth Olympic Memorial Centre which was actually the Olympic village from the Tokyo 1964 games.

A publicly run facility it offers an incredibly good location just a stone’s throw from Shinjuku and great value for money with everything a team needs in the same venue.

The Connect Tomodachi network was very important and one of the oldest and most famous universities in Japan, Meiji University was our major host for their tour.

Meiji is a stronghold of rugby in Japan and has a long and proud history. It was a unique opportunity for Sydney university to create a sister school relationship with Meiji.

Over the next 10 days the players and coaches experienced more in rugby, culture and hospitality.

The highlight was the first visit by a foreign group to the over 100-year-old Kasugano Stable to watch the early morning training of the then OZEKI champion Tochinoshin.



The team visited Mt Fuji and Hakone on the Romance Car Luxury Train.

The after-match functions were a highlight and the quality of rugby they played was outstanding.

They won against Meiji University in a tight match but were beaten by Junior Japan and an all-star team of Meiji University students and Old Boys who are playing in the professional ranks.

A once in a lifetime experience the team commented.

If you or your group would like to discuss a Japan immersion and experience like this just get in touch.

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