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As we exit the pandemic more and more schools are preparing to visit Japan.

Did you know that Japanese is the most popularly taught language in the Australian education system?

The ties between Australia and Japan have never been stronger. Whether it be business, politics, trade or just simply FRIENDS getting closer and understanding each other better and better this is a golden time for visiting Japan.

In 2021 we could not have face to face exchange but the success of the online version of Connect Tomodachi could tell you that so many schools wanted to exchange with their Japanese Tomodachi (friends).

A total of 20,000 students and 611 classes from the 2 countries participated.

In total 62 out of 65 schools surveyed told us that they wanted to visit each other’s country as soon as it was possible.

Language and culture tours were always going to be popular.  One school wanted to do something just a bit different for their language immersion.

Connect Tomoddachi is planning a tour for them which will take in “out of the ordinary experiences” such as:

A guided VR tour of Hiroshima with Peace Culture Village and local high school students

Working with locals through language and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and Eco-Tourism with Mt Fuji Satoyama Ecotours.

Discovering international pathways and future opportunities between Australia and Japan through language with a visit to the Meiji University Centre for International studies.

If your class would like to be a part of the Connect Tomodachi family and visit Japan for some extraordinary language and cultural immersions that enhances all of the curricula that are covered in Australia just reach out to us and we will show you what we can do.

Peter Gibson

Executive Advisor Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games Australian Olympic Committee | Paralympics Australia | Japan-Australia Trade Relations & Business Development

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