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Meet one of our TOMODACHI (Friend) in Japan – Masanori Shintani the owner of Mt Fuji Ecotours andInter national Ecotourism consultant

At the base of Mt Fuji in beautiful town of Fujinomiya where for centuries pilgrims would cleanse themselves in water from the mountain before making the ascent of the most treasured part of Japanese culture.

At Connect Tomodachi we don’t want you to just SEE JAPAN we want you to BE JAPAN.

What you will do and learn about Japan’s most famous site will amaze.

Masanori has run dozens of tours in and around Mt Fuji and it was only juts a couple of years ago that Connect Tomodachi had school groups enthralled by his tours as they understood the history, culture and geology of Mt Fuji.

“To protect the natural environment, regional cultures, and the dignity of the local community through community-based ecotourism.”

“To promote principles of responsible tourism and it has a responsibility to the environment and the local community in the world.”

To learn more about ECOLOGIC, visit (Japanese language only)

As a part of any group tour you will never forget your time really experiencing Mt Fuji not just seeing it from a passing bus

Check out this awesome video. Want to include Mt Fuji and Ecotourism in your next school tour.

Oh….. and by the way Masanori is a huge Hanshin Tigers fan just like me.

Peter Gibson

Executive Advisor Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games Australian Olympic Committee | Paralympics Australia | Japan-Australia Trade Relations & Business Development

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