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I am passionate about being Sensei in my small P-6 school. I love being able to share my adventures and experiences of Japan in my lessons. I was fortunate to be matched with an amazing school in Japan where we exchanged via online and sent letters and packages, the highlight had to have been playing an online game of Gimkit! Thank you for providing such a rich and wonderful way for classes to come together. My adventures have taken me to the top of Mt Fuji, the ski slopes in Hokkaido down to the culture of Kyoto, the history of Hiroshima to the night life in Tokyo meeting so ‘tomodachi’s’ everywhere I went. My kids felt at home and made their own ‘tomodachi’s’ in Japan as well and are counting down the days till they can go back, just don’t call my blue eyed, blonde daughter “kawaii”!
It would be an honour and a privilege to be an ambassador for ‘Connect Tomodachi’ however I should mention my school is more into soccer than rugby and would love to see the Kashima Antlers play.