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This is the great opportunity for both Japanese and Australian students to connect, make Tomodachi and share their experiences. There are so many possible way to connect though sports, arts, music, cuisine, nature and more, not only languages perspectives. I was once a Marine Biologist before obtaining Education degrees to raise public awareness for the Great Barrier Reef, I wanted to make exactly something like this. Instead I organised the field trip with Japanese University students to visit GRB from Japan and visit Reef Guardian School, Marine Research Agency and the coral reef. I would love to be a part of Tomodachi Research project to distribute connection through Japan and Australia.
At the moment, I am a Japanese teacher of St. Joseph at Yarra Junction in Melbourne and teach from Foundation to Grade 6. I am original from Otaru in Hokkaido and I used to teach ski to High school students from the southern part of Japan long time ago. As a mother of three kids, connection to a community, social belonging and respect their friendships will be the key of helping our society. That is what I believe to make our healthy youth and children to grow nice and strong.